Whale Tail for Outboard Jet

Does a Whale Tail Help on an Outboard Jet

What is a Whale Tail?

A whale tail is a thick piece of aluminum (0.190 inch) that bolts directly onto the intake of an Outboard Jet engine, which acts as a hydrofoil to create lift and reduce the time to plane when launching a boat.  The whale tail also helps to reduce porpoising, which is where the bow of the boat bounces up and down due to an improperly balanced boat (sometimes necessarily imbalanced for shallow performance).  Another benefit of the whale tail is the ability to keep the boat on plane at lower speeds

Installing a Whale Tail

Installing a whale tail is very simple and can be accomplished with a single ½ inch wrench.  In order to install the whale tail you only have to remove three ½ nyloc nuts from the rear of the Outboard Jet pump intake, slide the whale tail up over the studs and then reinstall the nuts.  Make sure they are tight as you will lose a bit of grip range on the stud due to the thickness of the whale tail plate.

If you have one of the older style pumps with bolts that hold the intake to the pump then it’s a good time to reach out to Specialty Manufacturing in California to order an intake stud kit.  The bolts can be replaced with stainless steel studs and nylon locking nuts, which are necessary for the newer style intakes.

That’s it!  Once you have the tail bolted on you are ready to hit the water.

How does the Whale Tail work?

The Whale Tail acts as a hydrofoil which creates lift to the rear of the boat and helps to pop the boat up out of the water.  The same concept of how when you hold your hand out the window of a car going down the street and you can feel your hand rise as you lift the front of your hand up towards the sky.  The whale tail lifts the back of the boat by forcing the water down away from the plate.

Should you get a Whale Tale for your Outboard Jet?

If you’re having trouble with porpoising then you should highly consider getting a Whale Tail for your Outboard Jet engine.  If you are just looking for a bit quicker launch then consider swapping out your impeller to a four blade stainless model.  If you’ve already upgraded your impeller then the whale tail will make a good addition and help to decrease the time it takes your boat to get on plane.